Free 8-week Wellness Program



"Many internal and external factors contribute to a person’s overall wellness. When one or more of these areas in an individuals life prove overwhelming, they may develop an anxiety disorder, find themselves in a depressive state, or chronic stress may result. All these conditions can have a detrimental effect on a person’s emotional, psychological, physical and social wellbeing."

Reaching Wellness offers a free interactive 8-week wellness workshop based on the 8 part wellness model above by Swarbrick (2006). Each of the sessions is specifically designed to target one of the wellness factors and gives participants an opportunity to analyze the different areas in their life and evaluate if they are satisfied with the quality of them.

By the end of the program, everyone will be more aware of the factors that contribute to their overall wellness and will have gained the knowledge and skills to make the appropriate changes for improvement in their lives.


Each of the 8-week sessions is 2 hours long and will be delivered by different experts in each of the areas of wellness.


Refreshments will be provided at the centre.

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