Therapist-led support groups 


“Providing like-minded individuals with a support network of people who have had or are currently having similar experiences. Participants identify healthy coping techniques from each other and with the support of the group they can move forward in a more positive way.”

Reaching Wellness therapist-led support groups are less structured than group therapy courses as each group will usually set its own rules and agendas. Some may reserve time for individual members to discuss their own experiences and challenges, while others will have guest speakers to provide information about certain issues or specific coping skills.


The main goal of a support group is to help people cope with an issue that they can’t change, like dealing with grief for instance or suffering from a chronic health problem, having difficulty adjusting to a life-changing circumstance or just general support for day to day situations. Our support groups are different from group therapy because it’s easier to get involved; you just show up and want to be a part of it!

Though sessions will be hosted by a mental health practitioner, there is no assessment for a place in the group and there are no limitations on how many weeks you can come.  Also, members are usually encouraged to continue their support of one another outside of the support group sessions.

Below are some of the support group categories we run, to find out what days or times these are hosted please call the centre here.


Living with someone who suffers from mental health issues (adults)

Living with a lifelong mental health illness (adults)

Domestic violence survivor support 



Chronic medical conditions (sufferers and family/friends of sufferers)

Sexual health (sufferers and family/friends of sufferers)

Eating disorder support (family/friends of suffers)


For anyone who has served in the military

For anyone who has a loved one in the military



GCSE Support

Transitioning to high school

Dealing with the death of a loved one

Living with a parent who suffers from mental health issues


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