Yoga classes and private lessons

We offer intimate mat and chair yoga sessions for anyone who is new to yoga or would feel more comfortable practising in a smaller group.

On the mat classes are never any bigger than 3 people plus the instructor.

Our intimate yoga classes are perfect for those of you who are new to yoga but also feeling a little nervous to go to a large class! With a maximum number of 3 people per session, this allows you to have the space to feel comfortable and safe while learning something new. You will gain strength and flexibility in both the mind and the body and leave feeling relaxed and refreshed!

By using slow, gentle Yoga and focusing on breathing techniques and easy to do meditations, you will learn that it is possible to relax and to find peace of mind. Expect to feel different as you practice, expect to relax and slow down and expect to access some inner peace. ​

If you are anxious, body conscious or would like to practice yoga in a more intimate setting then these classes are for you.

The Chair yoga is also offered for any clients who may have mobility issues. There is never anymore than 6 in a class.

We welcome ages 14+.

£10 per week for Mat group yoga and £6 per week for Chair group yoga - pay as you come (Places must be booked here)

All classes are hosted by Kelly Griffiths and you can visit her Facebook page here.

She also offers private one to one lessons from the centre. Please visit our live timetable for available slots and email us here to book a lesson with her.

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